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The Store With a Conscience

Spirit Dreams is much more than a store. In business since 1994, we were pioneers in Michigan for providing products and resources to those interested in enriching their body, mind and soul. To be true to the philosophy of holistic health our business principles MUST meet the highest ethical standards. It is important for you to know that the items that you buy here help empower individual artists and ethical companies both locally and from around the world.

Our body products, incense and candles are hand-made with natural ingredients rather than cheaper chemical substitutes. Gifts you buy here are crafted by a person and not a machine. Our imports are from Co-ops or Fait Trade Groups that support artists from around the world, not middle groups who buy from artists on the street for pennies and sell their products in the U.S. for huge profits.

The long and short of it is that when you make a purchase here, you are supporting real people who make a living through their art and craft. You make it possible for a weaver in Guatemala to feed her family or a potter in Costa Rica to have shelter. You can feel good about your purchase because it contributes not only to the health of you mind, body and soul, but also that of someone else--in your community or around the world. Upholding these values and practicing these beliefs is fundamental to our way of doing business. We purchase consciously so you can feel good about shopping at Spirit Dreams. Thanks for your support.

Townie Award Winner

2007 Townie

Best Place for Alternative Treatments/Spirituality 2006 Silver

Best Gifts/Objects d’Art 2003 Gold

Best Jewelry 2003 Silver

Hippest Store 2003 Silver


Words of Peace

We at Spirit Dreams want to extend to all of you, and to the world, our sincere wishes for peace. We offer you these words… When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.


Best of Bailey



May 5, 1991 to September 13, 2007

Bailey was our 16 year old Lab who shared her healing spirit at Spirit Dreams. Bailey will be missed by all and we thank you for your love and attention to her all of her days at Spirit Dreams. Her journey was peaceful, just like her spirit.

Two years ago Bailey stopped writing "Bailey’s Corner" as part of her pre-retirement plan. We’ve took 20 of Bailey’s favorite Corners and combined them to offer you “The Best of Bailey’s Corners”. You can order a copy for yourself and they make great gifts for friends who could use a little inspiration for life.

Order Yours today for $3.95 with $1.00 of each sale going to C-Snip.

Our cat George continues to secure his favorite perch on the register receipt printer so he can keep an eye on everything. Sometimes he’s evasive and other times he’ll follow you around until you pick him up or let him crawl on your lap in the book room.

George is here to welcome you. His spirit is exceptional and he will welcome you to share the ambience at Spirit Dreams….the store with a conscience.